Faith & Works

One of the big questions we often encounter in our Christian life is the one of faith and works – is believing in Jesus enough or is there something I should do? This isn’t a new one – it has dogged the church from the beginning, and ensnared many a Christian. It’s what we might … Continue reading Faith & Works

Revelation 20 Some thoughts on the Millenium

A lot of theological thought and ink has been expended on the first 6 verses of Revelation 20, and all because it mentions six times a thousand years, yet nowhere else in the Bible is this time frame ever mentioned. The futurist sees it as a literal one thousand years after Jesus has returned. The … Continue reading Revelation 20 Some thoughts on the Millenium

The Gospel

Three things to note about the Gospel: The gospel is central to faith in God. There is no other name, no other way to know God. The gospel is central to the church. It is the centre and circumference of the church’s existence.  We exist because of the gospel, we exist for the cause of … Continue reading The Gospel