Complacency, Compromise and Cynicism

Life is not always plain sailing, even when you know God - there are unexpected challenges, things you hadn't planned for, didn't expect, weren't prepared for. Like the story of Israel there can be an ebb and flow to our story. A hotness and coldness. One minute they were all in and there‚Äôs times of … Continue reading Complacency, Compromise and Cynicism

Dealing with Disappointment

Richard Burgess, 31.05.2022 Doesn't matter who we are, how old we are, where we are, everyone of us will have experienced disappointment at times - maybe you are right now. Things have not worked out as you expected, someone has let you down, you didn't get the qualification you had worked so hard for, you … Continue reading Dealing with Disappointment

When the Christian Life is not Working

I've been continuing to think about different aspects of Christian life and growth. On the evangelical spectrum, it can be all about the Word - just believe it, confess it, act on it and everything will be all right. On the charismatic front, it can be all that we need is more of the Spirit … Continue reading When the Christian Life is not Working