Thank God the universe isn’t closed

I don’t know what your thoughts are as you begin the new year – sad, mad or glad…

But here’s something that makes a world of a difference – we are not living in a closed universe. Now you might be thinking, what has that got to do with it? The answer is an awful lot! 

Science, or more correctly popular science would have us believe that we live in a closed universe, a solely materialistic world where everything that can be known has some physical reality that can be tested and proven to be true or real.

Yet, the sad fact of the matter is that such a universe is a dark and cold place to be. It offers us no knowledge of why it’s here, of who we are, and why we are here and what our purpose is, or what it’s all about. We are born, we live, we die and that’s it. 

Yet throughout human history there has been as it were a deeper knowledge, something that can’t be put into the realm of the materialistic, physical world in which we find ourselves.

That knowledge has been played out in countless supernatural stories, stories that take us beyond our realm and into another world, a world that can’t be tested in a laboratory, yet seemingly as real as the one we know. 

The incarnation is just such a story and more! Suddenly in a very real, materialistic world, God himself breaks in, and we are reminded that there is a connection, a very real one, one that has always been, one that started in the heart of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, a connection between this world and another one.

The incarnation takes us back before all things to God (In the beginning was the Word..), and he created (the world was made by him..), and now he’s here (the Word became flesh…). Wow! God can and did enter out time and space. It wasn’t beyond him. He came in real flesh, was sustained by real bread. Emmanuel, God with us and for us! God connecting the disconnected.

Here’s more, neither is God’s world a closed one, for in Jesus we have been taken right into the heart of God’s own fellowship, that of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, a most delightful and meaningful fellowship, a fellowship that gave birth to the universe in all its glorious and explorable variety, and to humanity made in their own image.

God never intended there to be a disconnection. There is an enemy who wants that and a closed universe suits his purposes.

As you embark on this new year my prayer is that you will know it is not a closed universe that you live in, but an open one, a world created and sustained by God, a world in which he is actively involved. You don’t have to go and find him, for he has come and found you, and what’s more is all you need to do is open your eyes and believe…

Thank God the universe isn’t closed!

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