Have you got a vision? How compelling is it?

You can’t really do life without vision, it’s essential to life, without it we stumble or go round in circles. The writer of Proverbs says “without a vision the people perish.” (29:18).

Vision is needed for ourselves, for marriage, for family, for our work, for ministry and mission, for church etc.. Without it we’ll simply maintain the status quo. We’ll stay as we are and we’ll stay where we are in more ways than one.

That’s not the way life is depicted in scripture. There we find God the giver of life speaking to his people and declaring his purposes, expanding their horizons and leading them into new places. It speaks of life with God as something capable of increase, of expansion.

Frequently though we want the big thing when in actual fact the place to start is with the basics, the seemingly ordinary things of the Christian life, like prayer, the Word and worship.

Getting a vision for your prayer life could radically change you and empower your prayer life in a way you could never have imagined. And what about the scriptures? Getting a fresh vision for your reading of the Word could revolutionise your understanding, engagement with, living out and sharing of the Word. Then there’s worship, is it just dull routine, religious form, words with no power? Getting a fresh vision of worship could lead you into fresh and powerful encounters with God, that set you up to hear from Him in a new way.

What’s your vision for 2016? Whatever your vision it needs to be compelling otherwise it will take you no where.

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