What’s in a Season?

I grew up in the country, I love seasons,  and my what a glorious autumn we have had. As nature has begun slowing down, and begun it’s preparation for winter, what colours, contrasts and beauty. No artist can match it. Soon it will be gone and winter will be here.

Seasons come and seasons go. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. Stillness/preparing, sowing, tending, reaping. God ordained them all. Yet in an urban world we easily lose sight of them – apart say from say the change in weather, otherwise life tends to be one big round, one season with highs and lows and maybe lots of the same. In fact materialism and markets determine our lives, not seasons, it’s about what’s in, what’s hip and what’s cool – a shallow world, more excited by the latest fashions than the true energising rhythms of life.

Seasons give rhythm to life, and without those rhythms we don’t function well. As much as nature needs them so do you and I, and we need to know which season we are in. Trying to live in one season when in fact you are in another is an exasperating and fruitless exercise.

There are times to be still, and times to be active. There are times to store up and times to give out. There are times to listen, and times to speak. There are times to sow and times to reap. There are times to tend and times for fruitfulness. Times to stop and times to go. Times to work and times to play. Times to withdraw and times to go out. Times of plenty, times of need.

Age also comes in seasons, a time to be born, and a time to die, plus all the stages in between. Knowing, accepting and giving thanks for the season you are in is important and leads to more life and not frustration and stagnation.

Jesus promised us life, a full life, an abundant life, but not a life without seasons. Paul the apostle said “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” Phil 4:11

So what about you? Do you know the season you are in? Are you content there?


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