Grace is not lazy

Where are you on Grace, for? against? some and some? not sure? The discussion about the nature of grace continues across the worldwide web amid concerns that it leads to a lazy, happy go lucky, careless, sin enjoying Christianity.

It was Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones who said something to the effect that if we are not preaching the gospel in such a way that leads to us being accused of preaching ‘lawlessness’ then we are not preaching the gospel.

Paul himself in writing to the Romans presents the gospel in such a way as to beg the question (chapter 6) if grace is this good and big why shouldn’t we carry on sinning so that God should be magnified by even more and greater displays of grace.

Why is it we are afraid of such a message?

The reality is neither Paul nor Lloyd-Jones were afraid of it, and neither did they think or teach that such a message would lead to lazy, happy-go-lucky, careless, sin enjoying Christians, oh yes there was and will always be those who haven’t got it, don’t understood it and therefore abuse it, but that should never cause us to downgrade the truth of God’s magnificent and abundant grace.

Grace is at once the most liberating and enabling of messages. Paul’s big concern for the church in Galatia (the only church he doesn’t give thanks for) was that the message of grace had been obliterated and without it there was no chance of Christ being formed in them (Gal. 4:19). They’d gone back to the law. And law, however good it is, wasn’t the answer, it can neither save nor sanctify, the answer is more grace.

Does it lead to laziness? Christ is not formed in us by works of the law, by human effort, but by the life of the Spirit that comes by the grace of God. Law stifles the life of the Spirit, grace enables it. It is only as we live in the super abundance of grace that we can truly live lives that are being transformed. Knowing and living in the grace of God inspires grateful God-centered worship, invigorates our prayer life releasing it from performing in order to get a blessing, brings the Word with power to our lives, enables us to say no to sin and yes to righteousness, empowers in our witness and engages us in acts of mercy and kindness to a world as broken as we are.

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