The Supreme Sacrifice

This weekend saw Acts of Remembrance taking place as we remembered those who gave their lives in the cause of justice and freedom – the right to a fair and just world and to live according to our conscience.

We thank God for every man and woman who their sacrificed their lives for ours, and also for all those who experienced what might be termed a living death as they survived but bore the marks of the conflict on or in their bodies and minds. We will and we must remember them.

Such has been the price of freedom down through the centuries, and still so today.

2000 years ago saw the greatest conflict this world has ever known. A conflict of immense proportions. A conflict between good and evil, light and darkness, God and the devil.

This conflict had been raging since the earliest of days, in hearts and lives, and spilling out into the world around. The battle for the soul.

It reached it’s climax in the person of Jesus, who throughout his life was tempted and tried, assailed this way and that by the powers of darkness. But at every turn he submitted his life to the Father and defeated the enemy of our souls.

Then came the cross when all hell broke loose as it sought to extinguish the Son. But God was on His throne. This was all in the plan of God. He was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. This would be the supreme sacrifice

Yes the enemy pulled out everything he could. The battle raged. But Jesus, the one in whom the enemy could find no hold, went down into death the enemy of all, and there He defeated Satan, sin, death and Hell. That day was the greatest day in history. Something broke. There was no battle and victory like it beforehand and there hasn’t been since, and neither will there be!

The victory that was won is the heart of the gospel message. It leads to an emancipation proclamation, the forgiveness of sins, the opening of the prison camps that the enemy holds humanity in, and the giving of strength and power to live again in newness of life though Him who is the Champion.

What a Victory! What a Gospel! Hallelujah!


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