God’s Sweet Singers

Sitting out in the garden this evening Pam and I sat and listened to the bird-song. It seems there’s more of it this year both in the mornings and in the evenings, and my how they sing.

You look at a bird and really some of them there’s not much to them at all, a few bones, muscle, and a bit of flesh all covered in feathers, but my the sound they make is just amazing, and they are so different – reminds me of the Canary we had at home when I was a boy, and how it it loved to sing and my how it seemed to soar through a whole range of notes, up and down.

It’s in moments like that I stop and think evolution can’t do that, it doesn’t have an answer for that; the sounds, the melodies, it’s just too wonderful. No accident of biology could have given birds such sounds and the ability to put them together like that.

Then I stop and thank God for them, and the delight they bring. And I think God you are an amazing God, how great you are, in wisdom you made them all, thank you Lord.

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