New Perspectives and extra Biblical Material

Well lifes been busy….. spent a week away at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology doing my last module for my MTh, and been trying to catch up ever since!

This time it was Christology and Soteriology, with a look at the New Perspective(s) – yes, there now appears to be as many perspectives as theologians – especially as per James Dunn and N T Wright. We had some good lectures and discussions – there’s something about learning together.

One interesting exercise was going down to the library and looking at the growing use of extra Biblical resources in commentaries in the last ten years – a shocking eye opener, with some ranging up to 10 pages of references!

How encouraging to hear that its a move in the wrong direction (contra Dunn and Wright), and the Old Testament is to be our base and guide to understanding the New. To do otherwise is to suggest that in a hundred or so years time people could gather from the writings of the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and any other cult and suggest that their understanding of the Bible should help people of the day know what Christians really believed back then! No way!

So, be encouraged, it doesn’t matter that you don’t have access to the Dead Sea Scrolls or the numerous other bits of literature only available to academia. Your Bible is inspired by God and fully trustworthy. Get to know the Old Testament and how it is worked out in the New – what a book; what a message!

One thought on “New Perspectives and extra Biblical Material

  1. Hello there: thanks for getting time of writing up this facts. I continuously attempt to more my comprehension of matters. No matter whether I agree or disagree, I like information and facts. I bear in mind the previous days when the only source of details was the library or the newspaper. They both appear to be so old. : )


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