Reflecting on the theme of justice this morning it struck me how justice doesn’t make sense in an evolutionary world.

Yet time and time again we here the cry for justice – justice for people in all sorts of varying circumstances.

But why? for the evolutionist there is no moral power or authority. Any sense of right and wrong is purely arbitary, something to be agreed between people, yet can just as easily be disregarded as it is only an agreement between equals.

The cry for justice in the human heart, right around the globe, is a recognition of a moral standard, a standard that is given to us, and must stand outside of us. A standard given by a higher authority.

It is only as we understand this that we can find any basis for right and wrong, and for justice for the despised, rejected, used and abused etc..

It is this sense of justice that requires accountability, judgement, and (even though we don’t like it and wish it wasn’t there) a hell.

It is for this reason that God sent his son Jesus Christ into the world.

God cannot just ‘love’ and ignore sin and let everyone into his heaven. Why? Because God is holy and we have sinned – rebelled against our Creator; and God had said that there would be consequences – ‘in the day you eat of it, you will certainly die,’ ‘the soul that sins shall die,’ ‘the wages of sin is death.’

Yes God is love, but not the sloppy, slushy modern love that allows you to do what you like and never mind the consequences.

For God to be true to himself, justice must be done, the price must be paid, and for that reason Jesus came and suffered and died in our place – the Just for the unjust that we might be reconciled to God.

There is justice in the universe – God put it there.

And the Bible says that God justifies the ungodly through faith in Jesus Christ. Yes God’s Son has done it all and there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ! Hallelujah!

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