Faith & Understanding

Faith precedes understanding

There’s an old saying that states, you ‘can’t put the cart before the horse,’ yet how frequently we try!

The Bible says that he that comes to God must believe that ‘He is.’ And that applies to so much of what the Bible says. It’s not that it’s wrong to use our minds but our minds can only take us so far. For example you can’t fully understand salvation until you are saved.

A Bridge

Thinking about all this recently and how to explain it, this illustration came to mind.

Imagine you are on a long journey through and you have never been through before, then you come across a huge gorge and over the other side it just looks terrific, but to get to it you have to cross a bridge. The only problem is you never seen or heard of a bridge before, let alone crossed one.You don’t understand ‘bridge!’

Then you meet someone who’s been over the bridge, in fact they can tell you all about ‘bridge’. They can go into all the detail, expalining how it came to be, how it works and how you can cross it and get to the other side.

Now you can listen to them an hour, a day, a week … you can try and reason it out, but you will never understand ‘bridge’ until you cross it!

Maybe it’s like that for you regarding the Christian life, you are trying to get it all in place in your head, and you can’t get your head round it.

Maybe it’s like that for some area of your Christian, life you are trying to reason it out, work it out … may be the things of the Spirit etc..

You can only take your reasoning so far, at some point ‘faith’ must kick in, you have to cross the bridge! And then, ‘ah’, that’s how it works!

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