Ground Hog Day
Have you seen the film? Is that how life seems to you. A repeat of yesterday, over and over again?

Hope of a better day
I used to live for tomorrow – the hope of a better day, even my ‘big day’. The only thing was there were so many difficulties, trials etc. that just seemed to stop me getting there. If only I could get by them, then I could really live as God wanted me to.

Let me be frank, sometimes I even went to bed thinking, hoping, that it was somehow going to be different tomorrow – and do you know, it wasn’t. Ground Hog day. Just another replication of yesterday! Same trials, temptations, problems – same old me, same old life.

But surely the Christian life was more than this! I mean all those promises …

Without today, tomorrow never comes!
Somehow, slowly, by God’s grace I began to wake up to the fact that this was my life, even with these difficulties, trials, problems – they WERE part and parcel of my life. Not only that, but God was there, waiting with his Word and grace, and I was missing him. Instead of waiting for a better tomorrow I needed to live with God in today – today is the day of salvation both for the Christian and non Christian. NOW is the time.

Are you missing God’s heart for you today, because you keep looking for a better tomorrow?

Are you failing to get to tomorrow because you are missing God’s purpose in today?

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