Jesus – the Champion

A champion celebrates Richard Burgess, 21.11.2021 We all love a champion, especially someone who beats all the odds. Back in September we were taken up with the amazing story of 18 year old Emma Raducanu who came from almost nowhere to win the US open... Her victory also inspired others – “if she can do … Continue reading Jesus – the Champion

Living in the Light of Eternity

Richard Burgess, 05.09.2021. There must be more than this. The last 18 months have been challenging for many people, especially those have lost people near and dear to them. We have been faced with eternal realities in a way that many of us have never been before. Before covid life seemed so sure, suddenly the … Continue reading Living in the Light of Eternity

The Joy of Worshipping Together

There is something about corporate worship. Individual worship is important, but there's a dynamic to corporate worship that goes way beyond personal or private worship. That's why the Bible encourages us to meet together, to not forsake such opportunities. Yet for the last 18 months that is what we've been confined to under the covid … Continue reading The Joy of Worshipping Together

Called to be like Jesus – part 4, the way of the cross

Richard Burgess, 11.04.2021 The greatest destiny on our lives is the call to be like Jesus. Doesn't matter your background or your role, it applies to all who come to know Christ. God has predestined each one to be like his Son, Jesus. In part one we looked at the call to be like Jesus, … Continue reading Called to be like Jesus – part 4, the way of the cross


Richard Burgess, 2nd April, 2021. One of the questions people struggle with today is over the atonement, the fact that Jesus died in our place in order that we might be forgiven, justified/made right with God, and have the hope of heaven when we die. It is said, if God is love and all powerful … Continue reading Atonement